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United Kingdom – Tap Into the UK with Nova Immigrations.

Best UK Immigration Consultant in Dubai

It is the dream of every person to live a comfortable life. For this, many people look for different ways outs that will help in taking them to their goal. For this reason, many people move to other countries, out of which the United Kingdom is one of the most preferred countries for migration. Different facilities provided to UK attract so many migrants in this country.

If you wish to move to the UK and currently are living in Dubai. You just need to consult the best UK immigration from Dubai that guides their clients with the best way and procedure, which will make their work smooth enough. Nova Immigrations is one such company in Dubai that offers the best services that will fulfill the plans to move to countries such as the UK, USA, Denmark, South Africa, Portugal, Germany, Canada, etc. It is one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai which are offering the best services in the form of assistance to their clients.

Great Reasons for Migration to the UK from Dubai

Among so many countries, the UK is one of the top countries where people want to migrate and start their new life there. Let’s have a look at the reasons for the UK.

  • History: The UK is the country where you will get an opportunity to be surrounded by thousands of years old history. You just need to simply walk down the street, and you will get to know a prompt lesson about the history of that particular place. This makes this place fascinating.
  • Rich culture: The main reason to move to the UK is that here you will get the chance to see the best museums, great music, and sports that will mesmerize your eyes. It is a unique feature in this country that melts down the heart of migrants here.
  • Healthcare: Once the candidate becomes legal residents of the UK, they will get access to the national health services and free healthcare programs. This will help in improving the quality of life here. The UK is claiming to have the best hospitals around the globe.
  • Geographical location: UK is a country with around 24 international commercial airports, making it very easy for people to travel to and from the UK. From the UK, you can easily plan different trips to other countries in Europe as well as other countries like Canada, the USA, etc.
  • Education: the concept of higher education was practically started in the United Kingdom, and with time this concept has become so vast that it is attracting many immigrants. If you want to pursue any type of education in a foreign country, the UK is the best country to move in, and they provide the best education system, which is required a better career.
  • Natural beauty: Not only is the country rich in natural beauty, but women here are also very beautiful. You will get to know more about the environment and opportunities to know more about the people there.
  • Language: English is the mother tongue of the United Kingdom, which has now become the most spoken language all across the globe. Moving here will help; the people to polish their skills in speaking this language which is a great advantage.
  • Job opportunities: The United Kingdom provides employment opportunities to almost every person of every skill set. Once you move to this country, you will find the right type of work according to the skills that you have.

If you want to get all these benefits in your life, just get in touch with the best UK immigration consultants in Dubai who will help you to achieve the dream of going to the United Kingdom.

Types of Visas For Immigrants

The United Kingdom is a country that loves to welcome immigrants in their country. Although there can be different criteria to enter this country and the main one is to get a visa. There are almost 4 types of visas that are allotted to the immigrants. Let’s have a look at them.

UK Business Visa

Recently, the UK has discontinued its Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa for the new applications and has launched the business visa for them. Different types of UK visas will be included in this category, like UK innovator visa, UK start-up Visa and UK Sole Representative Visa.

UK Student Visa

If you want to pursue your further study here, the UK provides such immigrants with a UK student visa. This type of visa allows the person to get admission to the University of the UK and carry on their study. All the eligibility criteria are analysed by the UK visa consultants in Dubai, the best way-outs are made to help the candidate achieve their goal. 

UK Visitor Visa

There might be many people that will be looking for a short-term visa for the UK so that they can visit the place and explore opportunities. For such people, the UK provides with UK visitor visa for all those who are planning any of the short business or leisure trips over here.

UK Family Visa

UK is also a country that allows the family member of the UK visa holder to join them in the country. This type of visa is only given to the people that are directly linked with the person holding a UK visa. This type of category includes UK Spouse Visa, UK parent Visa, UK child visa, separated dependent Partner visa, and Long-run care visa.

Just Apply for a UK Visa

Mostly the immigration consultants will help in managing the procedure which is related to the UK visa. There are a lot of formalities that need to be done properly so that person ends up getting through the smooth process. Here is the list of steps that will help in applying for a UK visa. Let’s have a look at them.

  • First of all, the candidate needs to visit the UK government website for a visa for immigration from UAE. There the application form needs to be filled up properly.
  • After the application procedure is done, the candidate needs to book an appointment at the visa application centre here in Dubai. No matter which type of visa application you are processing, you just need to book an appointment with a visa appointment. No walk-in applicants will be entertained at any cost.
  • On the date of appointment, the person is required to bring the documents like passport, passport size photograph, all the profs related to finances, bank statements covering past 6 months’ period pay sip, accommodation and travel details, copy of biometric and letter of invitation from where the person will be stating the address in UK.
  • It is always better to apply for 3 months of advice before you need to travel to this place.

Cost of Applying for a Visa in the UK

There can be three reasons for applying for a visa in the UK. This includes visas for leisure, business, and other reasons like medical treatments, etc. So different visas will have different application fees. For a short-term visa i.e., up to 6 months, will cost you around 430 AED approximately, which does not include immigration agency fees. For a standard visitor visa for 2 years, the cost is 1631 AED, for 5 years 2962 AED and for 10 years’ fees is 3712 AED. The consultants of migrating to UK from Dubai will guide the person in the best possible way and ensure that everything falls in the right place.

Consult the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

If you want your dream of living in the UK to come true, then you need to visit the best immigrate to UK from Dubai, which will help in achieving the ultimate goal. Our company has the best team that will help in taking the visa application process smoothly. Going to a new country might not be very easy, but the consultants will make sure that the overall procedure is made less complicated for the aspirants.

The company is offering its visa services for different countries. If you are interested in moving to any of these countries, without any doubt, you can consult the experts here. The experts will make sure that their clients are always provided with the best services, and there is no room for any error related to work.

Live your dreams with the help of Nova Immigrations.