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November 4, 2023

When it comes to settling abroad, choosing a country to immigrate to for sure seems daunting. However, with the right partner, your journey becomes seamless, and you need not worry about anything. In recent times, we have seen trends of people moving from Dubai to Canada, which has become a progressively alluring opportunity for people looking for a new beginning in modern times. If you are someone looking for Canada consultancy in Dubaido not forget that a reliable and professional consultant takes the burden off your shoulders and ensures you have a transformative path for yourself. In this article, we will discuss a few top reasons why people are immigrating to Canada from Dubai.

All around the world, the beauty of Canada is known on a great level. Apart from the beauty, there are various other reasons why people choose Canada as their top opportunity to start a new life. Let us discuss the reasons why Canada has become a promising land for young people looking to change their lives.

Quality life

Who doesn’t love a quality life? It should be noted that this quality of life offered by Canada makes it the first choice among all the people looking to start their new lives. Apart from quality education, Canada has a renowned healthcare system and more. This makes it the best choice among people who want to get away from their motherland and start a new life by taking risks. Well, without risks, one cannot truly enjoy one’s life.

Job market

Canada not only has magnificent landscapes but also a high quality of life. It also offers the best job market in the world, so no wonder people are attracted to it. The employment rate is quite good among students who are looking forward to finding work after their studies and all.


It is not news that Canada has some of the best educational institutions, and that is the reason why it attracts so many students who want quality education. The education system in Canada says it all! Hence, it is one of the reasons why people are immigrating to Canada from Dubai, as this will ensure them a quality life along with better job opportunities. There are other reasons as well, like their thriving economy! And along with that, it is one of the safest countries around the globe.

In addition, there are different options to migrate to Canada from Dubai, and a few eligibility requirements should be followed while immigrating to Canada. For example, a person should be fluent in either English or French. Immigration does indeed require money. Thus, enough money should be available to support the immigration application. In addition, a minimum of two years of work experience is surely needed.


In conclusion, moving to a different country that is far from your motherland requires a brave heart, and partnering with Canada immigration Dubai which offers services and can be trustworthy, should be your priority. With this, your journey becomes smooth!

September 15, 2023

Are you a resident of Dubai or the rest of UAE dreaming of migrating to Canada but deterred by the language test in English called IELTS? There are many factors to help you in the process of gaining Canada immigration Dubai through this route.

Every year, thousands of persons migrate to Canada to seek great jobs, a high standard of living, a dynamic way of life and a tranquil, safe environment. Therefore, a huge number of people apply for different schemes of immigration.

One of the various conditions of eligibility for different immigration schemes is a good score on the IELTS exam. But this is often a tough prospect.

What is meant by IELTS?

The IELTS refers to the International English Language Testing System. The score on this exam serves to display competence in English for persons who are not native speakers of English. It evaluates the proficiency of a person in English in four important sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

This international exam has become mandatory for students seeking to migrate to a country where the primary language is English. This test is accepted in over 140 countries. In Canada, most Universities insist on IELTS scores for accepting foreign students.

One way to crack the test by getting a good score is to join training classes for IELTS and to get coaching from various institutes. The results of taking this exam are through IELTS bands, which display the proficiency of the student in the English language. A high band displays high proficiency.

Alternative for IELTS

The IELTS is not the only way to migrate to Canada. In case you fail to pass the IELTS or get a good score, there is no need to lose heart- there are other ways to ace the IELTS for Canada migration from Dubai.

The CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) is a vital, easier and important test for migrating to Canada. This test is similar to the IELTS exam and is also a proficiency test in English. For both tests, one must learn to correct and master the language. But the best part is that even if you don’t do well on both tests, there are still other ways to migrate to Canada.

Needs for migrating to Canada from the UAE

For immigration from the UAE to Canada, the first thing to find out is which program of Canadian immigration the person has to qualify for. Every program has unique needs for eligibility, based on different criteria like education, age, occupation, work experience, and skill in either language (French or English).

Note that Canada is seeking skilled immigrants of peak working age with high potential to integrate successfully into the country and the capacity to contribute to the growth and development of the country. So, a potential immigrant must keep ready documents like proof of education and work experience and also proficiency in French or English.

Passing the IELTS General Training Exam is a major part of the process of application that will require you to prepare for the test and gain a decent score that is needed for gaining PR (Permanent Residency) for Canada. Thankfully, there are many online courses as well as study material to help prepare for the exam called IELTS.

Migrate to Canada without good IELTS score

There are some ways to migrate to Canada without having to take up the IELTS or a good score:

  • Seek universities that do not need IELTS score

In case you wish to study in Canada but want to avoid taking the IELTS, seek the universities that do not mandate it. It is often the universities rather than the Canadian embassy that mandate good IELTS scores for displaying proficiency in English. So, one can find such universities by doing a Google search. The Carleton University, The University of Regina, University of Winnipeg, University of Saskatchewan, Seneca College and Cambrian College are among the top Canadian universities that do not require IELTS.

  • Gain other proofs of language proficiency

International students are gaining alternative paths from some Canadian universities. Instead of the IELTS, one can take other tests of proficiency in English. This is a much easier pathway. In case you attended a school that featured education in English, all that you need to do is to get a certificate from the school and present it as proof of competence in English. Thus, you can avoid the rigours of the IELTS through this method.

  • Undertake an online English language course

One of the deterrent factors of IELTS is its high cost. The other major factor is the extensive and rigorous preparation required. So, instead of taking up the IELTS, one can undertake an online course in English. It is usually easier to crack rather than the IELTS and may not have a passing standard. There is only a need for a certificate of proficiency in the English language. In case you search online, you will come across several online courses in the language.

  • Apply for some work permits in the country

Many persons are unaware that it is possible to apply for work permits in Canada without an IELTS score. Note that the IELTS is only an exam to test whether you know the language to communicate effectively with other Canadians.

So, the only need is for a work permit to travel to Canada for a job. However, one must get a job offer from a Canadian employer to gain such work permits. The catch is that some employers might insist on a high IELTS score.

  • Canadian Experience Class, Express entry and PNP

If you are already working in Canada, you will be eligible to apply to the Canadian Experience Class immigration program that can lead to PR (Permanent Residency) in Canada.

The Express entry system is a point-based program that evaluates candidates as per criteria like work history, educational background etc. Good IELTS scores can boost your chances but are not mandatory.

Many Canadian provinces feature their own immigration programs catering to the particular needs of their labour market. Some PNPs offer access to PR without a good IELTS score, including provinces like Saskatchewan, Ontario and Alberta.

In sum, though IELTS is a widely accepted test of the English language for immigrants to Canada, there are alternative routes to immigrate to Canada from the UAE without undertaking the IELTS exam. Consider such opportunities to make true your dreams of settling down in Canada.

August 31, 2023

Canada immigration Dubai

In the globally interconnected world of today, the search for greater prospects and improved lifestyles frequently crosses geographical lines. Immigration to Canada is one of these possibilities that have grown in popularity among individuals seeking a fresh start. Many people regard Canada as a beacon of hope because of its friendly immigration policies, strong economy, and high level of living. With the aid of reliable immigration consultants, Dubai citizens’ ambition of immigrating to Canada has become more attainable. In-depth coverage of the challenging process of Canada immigration Dubai is provided in this article, which also emphasises the crucial part that trustworthy advisors play in turning this dream into a reality. As more people and families view Canada as the doorway to a better life, the attractiveness of its promise has grown among Dubai’s expat population.

The Difficult Immigration Situation in Canada

Although Canada offers the possibility of a better life, the road to immigration is complicated. Only qualified and prepared applicants are admitted, according to the stringent screening procedures used by Canada’s immigration system. For those who are inexperienced with the complexities of the procedure, navigating through the variety of visa types, documentation requirements, language competence examinations, and eligibility criteria can be a challenging undertaking. At this point, the knowledge of immigration consultants is crucial.

The Role of Reliable Immigration Consultants

As knowledgeable advisers, immigration consultants help would-be immigrants from Dubai make their way through the convoluted labyrinth of Canadian immigration laws and regulations. These experts offer individualised guidance based on unique situations and are knowledgeable about the constantly changing laws and regulations. In the process of immigrating to Canada, reputable immigration experts are essential in the following ways:


  • Expertise in Visa Categories:

    The various visa types available for immigration to Canada are well-known to reputable advisors. They evaluate each applicant’s qualifications, abilities, and experience to provide the most appropriate pathway, whether it is Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs), Family Sponsorship, or Study Permits.

  • Complete Application Preparation:

    Consultants help candidates gather and arrange the necessary paperwork, making sure that all forms are correctly filled out. This focus on detail reduces the possibility of delays or rejections brought on by incorrect or incomplete submissions.

  • Customised Advice: 

    Because every applicant’s position is different, reputable experts offer recommendations that are specifically based on the facts of each case. To assist candidates in making wise judgements, they address worries, respond to questions, and provide insights.

  • Navigating Policy Changes:

    An applicant’s eligibility or criteria may alter as a result of unanticipated changes to immigration regulations. Reputable consultants make sure that applicants are aware and ready by staying up to date on policy changes.

  • Monitoring of Applications:

    Consultants keep track of the status of applications and notify applicants of any updates or requests from immigration officials. This proactive strategy guarantees that candidates are ready for each stage of the procedure.

  • Qualification Assessment:

    The qualifications and experience of a potential immigrant are carefully evaluated by immigration consultants, who also assist the applicant in understanding their eligibility for different immigration programmes. With the help of this assessment, applicants can choose the pathway that best fits their goals and history.

  • Verification of Documents: 

    Reputable specialists thoroughly examine and confirm the accuracy and completeness of all supplied documents. Through this approach, unneeded delays or rejections brought on by inconsistencies in the supplied information are avoided.

  • Addressing Inadmissibility Issues:

    Certain factors, such as criminal histories or medical ailments, may make applicants ineligible in particular circumstances. Immigration lawyers assist people as they handle these issues, look at options for getting around their inadmissibility, or apply for the required waivers.

  • Financial Planning:

    Many times, applicants must show they have the financial means to sustain themselves and their families after they arrive in Canada as part of the immigration programmes there. Consultants offer advice on financial planning, assisting applicants in comprehending the necessary money and streamlining the production of required paperwork.

  • Provincial nominee programmes knowledge:

    Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs) offer a path to immigration based on the requirements of the job markets in individual provinces. Consultants have comprehensive knowledge of a range of PNPs and may help candidates find jobs that match their qualifications and prior work experience.

  • Pre-Departure Assistance:

    Reputable consultants provide pre-departure services, providing potential immigrants with crucial knowledge about daily life in Canada. For a successful transfer to their new home, this counselling also covers housing, healthcare, education, and work options.

  • Success rate and Reputation:

    Long-standing immigration consultants frequently have a track record of won-win client situations. Those who are considering applying might gain insight from evaluations and endorsements of past clients who worked with these advisors to meet their immigration goals in Canada.

  • Professional and Ethical Advice:

    Reputable consultants uphold the highest moral standards and put their client’s interests first. To maximise the possibilities of applicants’ success, they give clear information, steer clear of false guarantees, and put forth dedicated effort.

  • Counselling for Visa Denials:

    In the sad event that a visa application is denied, advisors provide helpful guidance on the best course of action, including suggestions for reapplying, appealing the decision, and looking into alternative immigration options.

  • Application tracking:

    To monitor the status of immigration applications, consultants use their knowledge and experience. They foresee potential problems and make sure that applicants adhere to deadlines and regulations.


The appeal of Canada to Dubai residents looking for greater possibilities is evident in the dynamic global environment. Reliable immigration advisors considerably simplify the complicated process of immigration to Canada. The intricate web of rules, document creation, and policy revisions are expertly negotiated by these professionals. They stand as unshakeable pillars, transforming goals into realities, offering customised advice, guidance on language skills, and post-arrival support. The best immigration consultants for Canada in Dubai give more than just legal advice; they also act as a doorway to a new life and a source of knowledge. They play a crucial part in developing successful immigration stories as the desire to move to Canada becomes a concrete reality under their guidance.

August 22, 2022

With the top lavish lifestyle and dream employment opportunities, Canada has always been the dream destination for people worldwide. The Nation has always been a center of migration, especially in setting up business houses or finding the best-paid jobs. The base of Canada immigration Dubai can be clarified by going through the under-mentioned reasons in the context.

August 2, 2022

Several individuals are looking to move to Canada from Dubai for several amazing reasons. Canada is one of the most peaceful and wealthy countries that offer great employment prospects for its nationals and foreigners. Moving to Canada from Dubai is not an easy task and therefore requires the help of a professional who guides you through the whole process and helps in achieving your final goal.

March 18, 2022

Are you planning to migrate to Canada from Dubai? Looking for different ways with which you can migrate to Canada and enjoy a budding career with a lavish life? People love to move to Canada because of the life that people live over there. It is one of the best countries to explore new career options and is also the right choice for the ones who are looking for their own start-up.