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September 22, 2023

Gaining a visa to New Zealand from Dubai comprises multiple steps. The processing time for such visas depends on different factors. Visas are required for NZ immigration Dubai.

Kinds of visas

Before enquiring about the processing time, it is good to know the various kinds of visas to travel or stay in New Zealand (NZ).

  • Student visa: This visa is required by all who aspire to study in NZ.
  • Work visa: Meant for all those who intend to work in NZ for a short duration, such as seasonal workers, working holiday professionals and skilled workers.
  • Visitor visa: meant for tourists who desire to visit NZ for a short time, such as up to 3 months.
  • Business and Investor visas: For persons who wish to invest in or conduct business-related actions in NZ.

Process of application

To apply for a visa to New Zealand from Dubai comprises of following steps:

  • Choose the type of visa: First, you should decide what kind of visa is suitable for your objective. Every kind of visa has its own specific eligibility needs and criteria.
  • Collect necessary documents: There is a need to collect specific documents based on the kind of visa, such as employment letters, proof of funds, photographs, passport and many more of these kinds.
  • Online application: The majority of visa applications for NZ can be completed via online means through the official website for immigration to NZ or via the services of an immigration advisor with registration.
  • Medical exam and bio-metrics: Certain kinds of visas need applicants to offer bio-metric data (photographs or fingerprints) at a VAC (Visa Application Centre) or be subject to a medical exam.
  • Pay fees for application: During the process of application, the suitable fees for visa application must be paid. Such fees can differ based on the kind of visa and may even change with the passage of time.
  • Submit application: After preparing the application and paying the required fees, there is a need to submit the application and your necessary documents via courier or in person to the VAC.
  • Extra information and interview: Based on one’s circumstances and kind of visa, there might be a need to attend an interview or offer extra information.
  • Begin your wait: After the submission of the application for a visa, it will be placed in a queue for processing. The time for processing can differ much, based on many factors and the individual case.

Factors impacting time for processing

There are many factors that can impact the time for processing a New Zealand visa from Dubai, including the following:

  • Kind of visa: The kind of visa applied for has a major role to play in the time for processing it. For instance, Visitor visas are processed faster than work or residence visas.
  • The finishing of the application: A complete and well-prepared application tends to be processed at a quicker pace. Delays can be caused by missing data or documents.
  • Seasonal differences and workload: The time for processing your visa can depend on the number of visas in the processing queue at a specific point in time. Longer wait times can be expected in seasons of high demand.
  • Background and security checks: Processing time can be delayed for some persons who need additional background and security checks.
  • Medical exam or interviews: In case the application needs an interview or medical exam, the time for processing it can be delayed.
  • Changes in policies for immigration: Processing time can be impacted by changes in immigration policies of the NZ government. New rules can cause delays.
  • Native country: Processing time depends also on the country from where you are applying. For one, the NZ embassy in one country may be busier than others. Secondly, the citizens of UAE and Dubai do not need a visa to travel to NZ for a vacation. They only need an electronic visa waiver called NZ ETA (NZ Electronic Travel Authority). There is no requirement for presenting original documents or arranging appointments at a NZ embassy or consulate. The NZ ETA is valid for a maximum stay of 90- days per entry and permits multiple entries.
  • Fast processing: Certain applicants may be awarded the facility of priority or expedited processing. This can substantially lower the time for processing but may involve extra fees.


Estimated time for processing

First of all, note that the time for processing visas to NZ can be subject to change. So, it is recommended that you check the official website of the NZ immigration or consult an expert, registered advisor for NZ immigration.

Following are the typical time schedules for processing common kinds of visas:

  • Visitor visa: These take 20-week days, excluding public holidays. On average, they take 8 weekdays, and 90% of applications can be processed within 37 weekdays.
  • Accredited Employer Work visa: such AEWS visas are typically processed in 20 weekdays, without including public holidays. 90% of applications may be processed within 50 weekdays.
  • Student visa: The government aims to process such visas in 36 weekdays without including public holidays. 90% of applications may take 45 weekdays for processing.
  • Working holiday visas: Such applications are processed within 3 weekdays, and 90% of applications take a maximum of 23 weekdays to process.
  • NZeTA visas: Mostly, they are processed within 72 hours. Sometimes, it may take shorter or longer time spans.
  • Visa for partner of NZ resident: 50% of applications are completed in 6 months, while 90% are processed within 16 months.
  • Permanent Resident Visa: 50% are processed within 19 weekdays and 90% within 30 weekdays.
  • Resident visa of skilled migrant category: 50% are processed in 5 months and 90% in 6 months.
  • Resident visa with variations of travel conditions: 50% are completed in 7 weekdays and 90% in 18 weekdays.
  • Transfers of visas take 7 weekdays (50%) and 19 weekdays (90%).
  • Employer accreditation: take 10 weekdays without including public holidays. 90% of applications are processed within 16 weekdays.

In sum, the NZ government warns travellers not to book travel arrangements till the processing of their visas is completed. In case of travelling from Dubai to NZ without a visa, you have to keep ready proof of valid arrangements for onward or return travel.

July 20, 2022

Moving to New Zealand is a big step. It requires making new connections and establishing new roots. The cost of making the move is a major factor in whether or when you should move. But with a little research, you can figure out how much it will cost to move to New Zealand. It has become easy to immigrate to New Zealand from Dubai as it joined the European Union.

April 18, 2022
April 18, 2022

Many people from Dubai are getting attracted to New Zealand. The good quality of life, low cost of living, lush greenery, and temperate climate make this country an attractive option among families and the youth.
However, to make a move, it is wise and smart to contact consultant companies for NZ immigration Dubai. By this, you will enjoy a few perks but also find it easier to finish the process of immigration.