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January 26, 2023
January 26, 2023

Dubai is one among the best-connected cities in the world and is home to a highly varied population. It is located on the Gulf coast of Arabia and is famous for its unique skyline, gorgeous dunes, and crystal-clear beaches.

Dubai is fast becoming a hotspot for expats from around the world since it offers opportunities not simply for professional success but also for great personal quality of life. Thus, they offer much business to agents for migration consultancy Dubai.

Dubai and the rest of UAE offer the following benefits that are a great draw for global expats:

Great professional opportunities

Good earning potential is not the only reason that makes Dubai attractive; it offers opportunities to fast-forward your career. Dubai and the rest of UAE have thriving economies and business hubs which need new, English-speaking personnel to promote their drive for technology and innovation. Especially, Dubai has become the prime location in the GCC region for business and commerce. This implies great professional opportunities for expats from all over.

Tax free income

This benefit sounds too good to be true, but the fact is that earnings in the Emirates are tax free. Low rates of VAT on all commodities, including food and drinks, make the cost of living very low and attractive for those relocating to Dubai. You can save much money for a comfortable retirement or even splurge on premium high-end brands found abundantly in the city. Gain entry to the UAE through top immigration consultants in Dubai.

Gateway to east and west

Because of its ideal location as a hub for travel to all leading cities of the West and East, including Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Europe, many countries are easily accessible from Dubai. The International airport of Dubai offers regular flights from all major airlines to destinations worldwide. Thus, because of its unique and attractive geographical location, Dubai is a hub for travel to the East and the West.

Low rates of crime

Dubai has earned a reputation for being the top city to offer a safe lifestyle to its residents. The government of UAE has implemented stringent laws, built a fair legal system, and made substantial investments in technology to keep the cities safe. For expats from 200-odd countries, the Dubai police have made a safe and friendly environment.

Great lifestyle

Residents of Dubai can enjoy a great quality of life. Being situated within the deserts of Arabia, its beautiful sandy beaches and its ultra-new and luxurious urban architecture offer a unique experience. It features the best of a combination of rural and urban life with opportunities for entertainment, cuisines from around the world, and some of the best shopping from top malls in the world. In the past two decades, Dubai has witnessed unprecedented growth, matchless in the world. In spite of its desert location with limited access to natural resources, the city has boomed through superb technology and town planning.

Multicultural ethos

Because of the multicultural residents of Dubai, the population is exposed to not simply the traditional culture of the Middle East but also to culture, language, and traditions from around the world, all within its area of 1500 square miles. It is a melting pot of cultures from all over because of the trend of globalization. 

In sum, these are some of the most attractive reasons to move to Dubai.