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November 17, 2023

For all these reasons, many people leave the glittering life of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and immigrate to New Zealand from Dubai every year. But moving to a new country is a major life decision, and it requires much planning and preparation. Because the process can take several months to over a year, depending on visa categories. In this article, we will look at the major steps involved in moving to New Zealand from Dubai.

Visa Application

The first is to determine what visa category fits you best based on your circumstances and reasons for migrating. Working visas, student visas, and investor and family-sponsored categories are some of the major visa options for moving from Dubai to New Zealand. You’ll have to carefully peruse the eligibility criteria and application procedures for each visa on New Zealand Immigration. Having decided on the proper visa, it is time to prepare all the required documents and complete either online or paper-based application forms.

Job Search (if applicable)

If you want a work visa, it may require that you have an offer of employment from a New Zealand employer. As a result, you should start to network and job hunt long before your planned move date. Use contacts, recruiters and career counsellors to get leads on jobs that are open. Look for job boards geared to New Zealand and customize your resume to the local labour market. With so many local and international candidates, be ready for an intense application and interview experience. For one, finding a job is an important step that can take months in itself.

Medical Examination 

As part of the immigration health requirements, most visa applicants to New Zealand will need a medical examination carried out by an approved panel physician. This includes checking blood, x-rays and a physical examination to make sure you have no conditions that will affect your chances of settling successfully or impose unreasonable burdens on the public health system. These results are transmitted electronically to Immigration New Zealand together with your visa application. Since appointments often fill up quickly, be sure to schedule the medical exam in good time.

Visa Processing

So once a complete application is filed, including supporting documents and medical results, you are in the waiting period before Immigration New Zealand makes its decision. Waiting times differ greatly depending on the type of visa applied for, but in general, it takes 2-6 months. You may be contacted at this time for further information or elaboration. You can look at the status of your application on their webpage. There may be delays caused by high application volumes.

Relocation to New Zealand

If your visa is granted, you are to be congratulated on becoming a resident of New Zealand. Next comes the practical preparatory steps for moving, such as housing and transportation arrangements or opening a bank account. Quit your current work, take care of loose ends in Dubai and settle up immigration paperwork–visas for any dependents coming along. Book flights to New Zealand and get ready for your new life full of adventure down under! Settling into Kiwi life Experiencing cultural adjustments.


If you do your research properly, have the right guidance and are thorough with documentation, then New Zealand’s immigration system can be handled successfully. Always be sure to meet all eligibility criteria for New Zealand migration from Dubai and complete your applications so they don’t encounter delays. But with perseverance, your dream of living in New Zealand can come true.

September 22, 2023

Gaining a visa to New Zealand from Dubai comprises multiple steps. The processing time for such visas depends on different factors. Visas are required for NZ immigration Dubai.

Kinds of visas

Before enquiring about the processing time, it is good to know the various kinds of visas to travel or stay in New Zealand (NZ).

  • Student visa: This visa is required by all who aspire to study in NZ.
  • Work visa: Meant for all those who intend to work in NZ for a short duration, such as seasonal workers, working holiday professionals and skilled workers.
  • Visitor visa: meant for tourists who desire to visit NZ for a short time, such as up to 3 months.
  • Business and Investor visas: For persons who wish to invest in or conduct business-related actions in NZ.

Process of application

To apply for a visa to New Zealand from Dubai comprises of following steps:

  • Choose the type of visa: First, you should decide what kind of visa is suitable for your objective. Every kind of visa has its own specific eligibility needs and criteria.
  • Collect necessary documents: There is a need to collect specific documents based on the kind of visa, such as employment letters, proof of funds, photographs, passport and many more of these kinds.
  • Online application: The majority of visa applications for NZ can be completed via online means through the official website for immigration to NZ or via the services of an immigration advisor with registration.
  • Medical exam and bio-metrics: Certain kinds of visas need applicants to offer bio-metric data (photographs or fingerprints) at a VAC (Visa Application Centre) or be subject to a medical exam.
  • Pay fees for application: During the process of application, the suitable fees for visa application must be paid. Such fees can differ based on the kind of visa and may even change with the passage of time.
  • Submit application: After preparing the application and paying the required fees, there is a need to submit the application and your necessary documents via courier or in person to the VAC.
  • Extra information and interview: Based on one’s circumstances and kind of visa, there might be a need to attend an interview or offer extra information.
  • Begin your wait: After the submission of the application for a visa, it will be placed in a queue for processing. The time for processing can differ much, based on many factors and the individual case.

Factors impacting time for processing

There are many factors that can impact the time for processing a New Zealand visa from Dubai, including the following:

  • Kind of visa: The kind of visa applied for has a major role to play in the time for processing it. For instance, Visitor visas are processed faster than work or residence visas.
  • The finishing of the application: A complete and well-prepared application tends to be processed at a quicker pace. Delays can be caused by missing data or documents.
  • Seasonal differences and workload: The time for processing your visa can depend on the number of visas in the processing queue at a specific point in time. Longer wait times can be expected in seasons of high demand.
  • Background and security checks: Processing time can be delayed for some persons who need additional background and security checks.
  • Medical exam or interviews: In case the application needs an interview or medical exam, the time for processing it can be delayed.
  • Changes in policies for immigration: Processing time can be impacted by changes in immigration policies of the NZ government. New rules can cause delays.
  • Native country: Processing time depends also on the country from where you are applying. For one, the NZ embassy in one country may be busier than others. Secondly, the citizens of UAE and Dubai do not need a visa to travel to NZ for a vacation. They only need an electronic visa waiver called NZ ETA (NZ Electronic Travel Authority). There is no requirement for presenting original documents or arranging appointments at a NZ embassy or consulate. The NZ ETA is valid for a maximum stay of 90- days per entry and permits multiple entries.
  • Fast processing: Certain applicants may be awarded the facility of priority or expedited processing. This can substantially lower the time for processing but may involve extra fees.


Estimated time for processing

First of all, note that the time for processing visas to NZ can be subject to change. So, it is recommended that you check the official website of the NZ immigration or consult an expert, registered advisor for NZ immigration.

Following are the typical time schedules for processing common kinds of visas:

  • Visitor visa: These take 20-week days, excluding public holidays. On average, they take 8 weekdays, and 90% of applications can be processed within 37 weekdays.
  • Accredited Employer Work visa: such AEWS visas are typically processed in 20 weekdays, without including public holidays. 90% of applications may be processed within 50 weekdays.
  • Student visa: The government aims to process such visas in 36 weekdays without including public holidays. 90% of applications may take 45 weekdays for processing.
  • Working holiday visas: Such applications are processed within 3 weekdays, and 90% of applications take a maximum of 23 weekdays to process.
  • NZeTA visas: Mostly, they are processed within 72 hours. Sometimes, it may take shorter or longer time spans.
  • Visa for partner of NZ resident: 50% of applications are completed in 6 months, while 90% are processed within 16 months.
  • Permanent Resident Visa: 50% are processed within 19 weekdays and 90% within 30 weekdays.
  • Resident visa of skilled migrant category: 50% are processed in 5 months and 90% in 6 months.
  • Resident visa with variations of travel conditions: 50% are completed in 7 weekdays and 90% in 18 weekdays.
  • Transfers of visas take 7 weekdays (50%) and 19 weekdays (90%).
  • Employer accreditation: take 10 weekdays without including public holidays. 90% of applications are processed within 16 weekdays.

In sum, the NZ government warns travellers not to book travel arrangements till the processing of their visas is completed. In case of travelling from Dubai to NZ without a visa, you have to keep ready proof of valid arrangements for onward or return travel.

March 26, 2023

Migrating from Dubai to New Zealand is a major decision, and it can be a daunting experience. New Zealand is a beautiful country that offers a great quality of life and plenty of opportunities for immigrants. However, the immigration process can be complex and overwhelming. To help you achieve a successful migration, below is a list of ten steps to guide you through the process.

Step 1: Determine eligibility: To migrate to New Zealand from Dubai, it is crucial to determine your eligibility. You can find a list of visa options and their requirements on the New Zealand immigration website. Age, skills, work experience, and education are some factors that may impact your eligibility.

Step 2: Research the job market: It is essential to research the job market in New Zealand before migrating to determine the demand for your skills. The New Zealand job market report can provide valuable insights into current job trends and salaries. This research can help you identify the most promising industries and locations for work.

Step 3: Choose the right visa: After determining your eligibility and researching the job market, choose the visa that suits your needs. Popular visa options for Dubai residents include the Skilled Migrant Category visa, Essential Skills Work visa, and Entrepreneur Work visa. 

Step 4: Prepare documents: Prepare your documents once you have selected the appropriate visa. This step involves gathering various documents such as your passport, birth certificate, educational qualifications, and work experience certificates. 

Step 5: Apply for a visa: After preparing your documents, the next step is to apply for your visa. You can do this online or through a New Zealand embassy or consulate. Follow the application process correctly, and provide all the required information and documents. 

Step 6: Medical and police clearance: As part of the visa application process, you will need to undergo a medical examination and obtain a police clearance certificate. The medical examination ensures that you are healthy and not a risk to the New Zealand public health system, while the police clearance certificate confirms that you do not have a criminal record.

Step 7: Plan move: After receiving your visa, the next step is to plan your move to New Zealand. This includes booking flights, finding accommodation, and arranging transportation for your belongings. Planning your move well in advance can help you avoid last-minute stress and expenses.

Step 8: Open a bank account: Once you arrive in New Zealand, you will need to open a bank account to manage your finances. You can do this by visiting a local bank branch or applying online. Research different banking options and choose the bank that offers the best services and fees.

Step 9: Apply for tax number: As a New Zealand resident, you will need to apply for a tax number, also known as an IRD number. This unique number identifies you for tax purposes, and you can apply online or by visiting a local Inland Revenue Department office.

Step 10: Integrate into a community: Once you have settled in New Zealand, it is crucial to integrate into the community. Learning English, if not a native speaker, can help you communicate effectively and make new connections.

In conclusion, migrating to New Zealand from Dubai is a life-changing experience that requires careful planning and preparation. Be careful to choose the best immigration consultants in Dubai for New Zealand. Following the ten steps listed above can help you achieve a successful migration and a smooth transition to your new life in New Zealand.

October 13, 2022

New Zealand offers newcomers a balanced way of life. It offers excellent work opportunities, opportunities for adventure, and a friendly, safe atmosphere for immigrants. The great quality of life in New Zealand attracts a lot of people to move there. The nation welcomes anyone who wants to relocate here and provides temporary and permanent migrant admittance. Here are some of the tips to find the best consultancy for New Zealand immigration in Dubai and they are as follows:-

  •   Examine their Background

The New Zealand immigration procedure is really difficult. As a result, you need to choose your perfect partner. Choose experts who have earned a diploma in immigration consulting. It is advisable. As a result, it will guarantee that you’ve made the greatest decision by providing appropriate options and information that may influence your choice. You must consider the Consultant who has fulfilled their educational requirements and is a member of a licenced immigration consultant in order to determine this. Therefore, it is crucial to visit their website and review their credentials.

  •   References are always preferred

When selecting Dubai’s finest immigration expert, it is preferable to check the references. Ask a few questions of the immigration advisor. Speaking with their clients will give you more confidence and clarify things for you. Remember all these tips to find the best consultancy for New Zealand immigration in Dubai.

  •   Verify Their Online Credibility

Despite the fact that there are many immigration consultants offering the greatest services, it is important to look into their web reputation. If you discover that any prospective immigration experts have an average rating, you are free to make a choice. Additionally, browse their website to learn more about the objectives and principles of the business. There, you may read testimonials and customer reviews. Additionally, make an effort to learn more about the products and services they offer. Check to see whether they have won any accolades, certifications, or recognition.

  •   Contact a Consultancy Rather Than Freelancer Agents

The recognised Visa Consultancy companies have a solid office structure, a client-service team, and a registration status that you can rely on. The agents and independent contractors without a team or office arrangement, however, are more likely to defraud you.

  •   Avoid Agents Who Promise Job Security

The majority of the time, the brokers and organisations that promise to get you employment and a place to live abroad are frauds. Therefore, stay away from agents that lure you in with alluring job promises.

  •   A Contract in Writing

Always demand a signed contract from the immigration advisor. As a site where they have outlined the costs incurred and the fees to be charged before a contract is signed, it would be beneficial. To protect yourself from con artists, use a contract.


Always make sure the immigration expert is engaged in your profile and not just passing along general information. Remember that a genuine consultant would always inquire thoroughly about your work description, financial situation, and other details to provide you with at least a reasonable assessment of your chances of being accepted without making any untrue guarantees. Consequently, these are a few of the crucial pointers you should have in mind before selecting the greatest New Zealand immigration consultant in Dubai for yourself.

October 11, 2022

The lovely coastline and even more breathtaking mountains of New Zealand are well known. But New Zealand offers many more amazing things than just that. New Zealand has always drawn a number of individuals to come and reside in this renowned multicultural country because of its rich culture and distinctive way of life. There are many reasons why people choose to relocate to New Zealand, ranging from family migration to employment prospects. For immigration to New Zealand from Dubai, a person must take many things into account.

Before relocating abroad, one must take employment, educational, and lifestyle prospects into account.

A key consideration when relocating to New Zealand is the cost of living.

Additionally, you must guarantee your income in New Zealand. The income, the corresponding income tax, additional necessary costs, etc. You should consider the cost if you plan to buy a house or rent an apartment. You should speak with New Zealand Immigration specialists in Dubai to determine your eligibility.

Steps to follow before immigrating to New Zealand from Dubai: There are a few things you must get ready for if you decide to relocate to New Zealand. Discover all you need to get ready if you want to migrate to New Zealand by looking through the things given below: 

  •  Keep your paperwork organized: The first thing you need to be sure of is that you and your family have all of your original documents and certified copies of them. The documents consist of the following:
  • Records from the dentist, vaccination records, and so on.
  • Having a certificate of registration gives you access to certain jobs references that can speak to your abilities, personality, and professional history
  • There may be other paperwork needed for your immigration as well. You can get assistance from the New Zealand Immigration consultants in Dubai with the creation of all the necessary paperwork for smooth immigration.
  •  Preparing Your Resume: You’ll also need a CV if you want to work in New Zealand. If you have a family member who intends to work in New Zealand, you should start working on their CV as well.
  •  Have backup plans ready: If you don’t already have a job when you move to NZ, you’ll need to be ready for that situation. You’ll need your savings to get by temporarily, so bring them with you. Finding a new job could take some time. 
  •  Assessment of Your Qualifications:You should have your tertiary credentials verified by the NZQA or New Zealand Qualifications Authority. To make sure that all of your credentials and paperwork are in order, you may also enlist the assistance of New Zealand Immigration advisors in Dubai. Before relocating to New Zealand, one should think about these things. Consider contacting NZ immigration consultants in Dubai for comprehensive information about relocating out. 

New Zealand is a very beautiful place that offers better job opportunities and a high standard of living to visitors. People get a safe and secure environment to live and work in. These are some of the most important things that people consider while immigrating to New Zealand from Dubai.

July 20, 2022

Moving to New Zealand is a big step. It requires making new connections and establishing new roots. The cost of making the move is a major factor in whether or when you should move. But with a little research, you can figure out how much it will cost to move to New Zealand. It has become easy to immigrate to New Zealand from Dubai as it joined the European Union.