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March 28, 2022

Shift to Canada to Have A Fruitful Life

When it comes to immigration from the UAE, Canada is among the most popular destinations. Canada is the preferred migration destination because of its diversity of cultures, good standard of living, state welfare advantages, scenic wonders, and welcoming immigration policies. Furthermore, Canada has over 70 migration and visa programs that allow talented international employees to come. As a result, learning about the best program to ensure a seamless immigration procedure is essential. In this article, we have discussed some of the finest immigration programs for Canada. If you stay in Dubai, then you should search for the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada.

What is the best Canadian immigration program?

  • Express Entry: The executive branch of Canada’s primary immigration program, “Express Entry,” is used to choose qualified and skilled immigrant labor for resident status. The method is known as “express entry” since it allows individuals to get resident status in as little as 6 months. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) assigns credits to express admission candidates based on their age, previous employment, qualifications, and the qualifications of their wives, among other factors. In bi-weekly lotteries, the individuals with the best scores are invited to apply for residency. Top Canada immigration advisors in Dubai can tell you much more about the rapid entry program.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs: Canadian regions offer a variety of provincial nominee programs that allow candidates to reside in a specific location if they match the state’s requirements. For example, if a candidate’s profession is in high demand in a region or if the candidate has prior work experience in the region, he is entitled to apply for Canadian resident status in that region. Furthermore, the provincial nominee program is the best option to get resident status for medium-skilled employees who do not qualify for express entry, such as agricultural laborers, nursing assistants, and lorry drivers. According to top Canadian immigration advisors in Dubai, candidates must have past job experience in Canada.
  • Temporary Worker Programs: To work in Canada, one must first receive an offer of employment and a working visa. Agricultural workers, caretakers, academics, and professionals in ICT or STEM who want to travel to Canada from the UAE can also seek a work visa under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Businesses involved in the program may recruit candidates, according to Top Canada immigration advisors in Dubai.

What documents are required for migrating to Canada from the UAE?

  • An applicant must present the offer letter if they are willing to migrate to Canada for work purposes.
  • An applicant needs to show the outcome of the language test, such as IELTS.
  • All documents related to education need to be presented.
  • All information about the family members who are dependent on
  • All the proof shows that the applicant has a sufficient amount of money.
  • The applicant needs to submit two passport-size photos.
  • An applicant needs to show a passport that holds validity.


You may find it difficult to meet the criteria for resident status or a work visa in Canada. As a result, seeking immigration services from the best Canadian consultancy in Dubai is a good option. They will help you submit a flawless application and speed up the migration procedure. As a result, make an informed decision and ensure a safe path to legal residency in Canada.

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