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September 15, 2023

Are you a resident of Dubai or the rest of UAE dreaming of migrating to Canada but deterred by the language test in English called IELTS? There are many factors to help you in the process of gaining Canada immigration Dubai through this route.

Every year, thousands of persons migrate to Canada to seek great jobs, a high standard of living, a dynamic way of life and a tranquil, safe environment. Therefore, a huge number of people apply for different schemes of immigration.

One of the various conditions of eligibility for different immigration schemes is a good score on the IELTS exam. But this is often a tough prospect.

What is meant by IELTS?

The IELTS refers to the International English Language Testing System. The score on this exam serves to display competence in English for persons who are not native speakers of English. It evaluates the proficiency of a person in English in four important sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

This international exam has become mandatory for students seeking to migrate to a country where the primary language is English. This test is accepted in over 140 countries. In Canada, most Universities insist on IELTS scores for accepting foreign students.

One way to crack the test by getting a good score is to join training classes for IELTS and to get coaching from various institutes. The results of taking this exam are through IELTS bands, which display the proficiency of the student in the English language. A high band displays high proficiency.

Alternative for IELTS

The IELTS is not the only way to migrate to Canada. In case you fail to pass the IELTS or get a good score, there is no need to lose heart- there are other ways to ace the IELTS for Canada migration from Dubai.

The CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) is a vital, easier and important test for migrating to Canada. This test is similar to the IELTS exam and is also a proficiency test in English. For both tests, one must learn to correct and master the language. But the best part is that even if you don’t do well on both tests, there are still other ways to migrate to Canada.

Needs for migrating to Canada from the UAE

For immigration from the UAE to Canada, the first thing to find out is which program of Canadian immigration the person has to qualify for. Every program has unique needs for eligibility, based on different criteria like education, age, occupation, work experience, and skill in either language (French or English).

Note that Canada is seeking skilled immigrants of peak working age with high potential to integrate successfully into the country and the capacity to contribute to the growth and development of the country. So, a potential immigrant must keep ready documents like proof of education and work experience and also proficiency in French or English.

Passing the IELTS General Training Exam is a major part of the process of application that will require you to prepare for the test and gain a decent score that is needed for gaining PR (Permanent Residency) for Canada. Thankfully, there are many online courses as well as study material to help prepare for the exam called IELTS.

Migrate to Canada without good IELTS score

There are some ways to migrate to Canada without having to take up the IELTS or a good score:

  • Seek universities that do not need IELTS score

In case you wish to study in Canada but want to avoid taking the IELTS, seek the universities that do not mandate it. It is often the universities rather than the Canadian embassy that mandate good IELTS scores for displaying proficiency in English. So, one can find such universities by doing a Google search. The Carleton University, The University of Regina, University of Winnipeg, University of Saskatchewan, Seneca College and Cambrian College are among the top Canadian universities that do not require IELTS.

  • Gain other proofs of language proficiency

International students are gaining alternative paths from some Canadian universities. Instead of the IELTS, one can take other tests of proficiency in English. This is a much easier pathway. In case you attended a school that featured education in English, all that you need to do is to get a certificate from the school and present it as proof of competence in English. Thus, you can avoid the rigours of the IELTS through this method.

  • Undertake an online English language course

One of the deterrent factors of IELTS is its high cost. The other major factor is the extensive and rigorous preparation required. So, instead of taking up the IELTS, one can undertake an online course in English. It is usually easier to crack rather than the IELTS and may not have a passing standard. There is only a need for a certificate of proficiency in the English language. In case you search online, you will come across several online courses in the language.

  • Apply for some work permits in the country

Many persons are unaware that it is possible to apply for work permits in Canada without an IELTS score. Note that the IELTS is only an exam to test whether you know the language to communicate effectively with other Canadians.

So, the only need is for a work permit to travel to Canada for a job. However, one must get a job offer from a Canadian employer to gain such work permits. The catch is that some employers might insist on a high IELTS score.

  • Canadian Experience Class, Express entry and PNP

If you are already working in Canada, you will be eligible to apply to the Canadian Experience Class immigration program that can lead to PR (Permanent Residency) in Canada.

The Express entry system is a point-based program that evaluates candidates as per criteria like work history, educational background etc. Good IELTS scores can boost your chances but are not mandatory.

Many Canadian provinces feature their own immigration programs catering to the particular needs of their labour market. Some PNPs offer access to PR without a good IELTS score, including provinces like Saskatchewan, Ontario and Alberta.

In sum, though IELTS is a widely accepted test of the English language for immigrants to Canada, there are alternative routes to immigrate to Canada from the UAE without undertaking the IELTS exam. Consider such opportunities to make true your dreams of settling down in Canada.