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April 25, 2022

Top Tips for Moving From Dubai to South Africa

It is an exciting time when one decides to move from Dubai to South Africa. As the name suggests, South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent. If one desires to move to this beautiful country, one would need a South Africa visa from Dubai.

The Republic of South Africa is flanked by countries like Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Botswana. It is a unique country with over 11 officially recognized languages. It is a melting pot of cultures even though over 79% of residents are of African ancestry.

South Africa is a popular destination for both tourists and ex-pats thanks to its wide natural attractions, gorgeous landscapes, snug weather, exotic wildlife and modern facilities. There are numerous cities like Durban and Johannesburg, which are famous for colourful nightlife and exciting recreation.

The country has a middle-income free enterprise economy and is a member of the group called BRICS (apart from Brazil, Russia, India, and China). It has a landmass of over 1.2 million square kilometres with an extensive coastline of over 2500 km.

Another attractive fact about South Africa is its low cost of living. Though it is on par with African countries like Mozambique and Rwanda, it is way lesser than other top destinations like London, New York, Tokyo, or even Dubai.

In case one has planned properly, be ready for an exciting life in South Africa, enjoying its sunshine, fresh produce, and wine. It is good to consult professional moving services to organize your move from Dubai to South Africa once you have made the decision. You can also check out the country by travelling there on South Africa visit visa from Dubai.


While moving to South Africa, one may desire to bring along personal possessions and pets. Thankfully, it is legal to bring such items by making sure that you submit your original passport with an entry stamp, relevant permits (permanent/ temporary resident permit, work permit, or student visa), and a fully filled customs form called a DA 302.

Besides these, you must submit to the Customs office a bill of lading or a detailed list of packaged items in written English. Pets like dogs and cats can also be relocated to your new home, so long as you offer a permit for veterinary import. Pets need to be vaccinated before being allowed entry to South Africa.

Work permits and visas

It is possible to relocate to South Africa through nine kinds of visas: business visa, tourist visa, work visa, visit visa, study visa, medical visa, exchange visa, retirees visa, and exchange visa. Those who wish to stay in the country for a long time must apply for a visa based on purpose.

Those who wish to conduct business or work in the country must apply for a business visa or work visa. Those who have special skills are in much demand in the country.

For migrants from Dubai, they must comply with the following visa stipulations:

  • Totally filled up Form 11 DHA-84 in black ink
  • A passport which is valid for 30 days before travelling to South Africa
  • Two copies of the most recent coloured photo, not older than 6 months.
  • Residence visa
  • Marriage certificate in case of spouse
  • NOC letter from the employer in UAE
  • Birth certificate for juniors
  • certificate for yellow fever
  • Bank statements, travel insurance, proof of accommodation, and air tickets.

In sum, these are top facts about relocating to South Africa from Dubai. You can enjoy perks like the natural beauty of the country, the low cost of living such as the low cost of renting or buying homes, and a robust cultural, culinary, and entertainment scene.

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